Linen Background Userstyle for Google Docs

Installation instructions below

Step 1: Install Stylish.

Stylish is a browser plugin that allows you to have custom themes/visuals, click one of the links below to install.

Alternatively, you can install this style as a userscript, click this link to do so. This is particularly useful if you use Internet Explorer (This plugin allows you to install userscripts in IE7 through IE9).

UPDATE:  Several visitors have highlighted the relative ease (no plugin required) of installing the userscript on Chrome, no Stylish required.

Step 2: Install the userstyle.

Click here to download the userstyle for your browser.

Step 3: Party with Tequila

This is an essential step. Do not overlook.


This plugin has done phenomenally well and I'd like to thank everybody who installed the style and left feedback

Here at No Yelling Driving School, we've been making great progress with our core business, having set up our driving school in Canberra as well as expanding our presence to providing driving lessons in Perth. The success of the userstyle has provided exposure and clout that has really enabled this explosive growth, so thanks again!

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