Defensive driving courses for Queensland learner drivers

Learn to drive on the back foot with Queensland's most experienced defensive driving experts.

Defensive Driving - What's it all about?

Experience is the most valuable asset to a driver. Every hour spent on the road increases your exposure to the dangers of driving, a critical element in building your awareness and perception as a driver. Unfortunately experience takes time, but there are ways to increase your knowledge of fringe circumstances through professional training.

A Defensive Driving Course puts you in the hot seat to experience and learn from potentially harmful circumstances. Among other things, A Defensive Driving Course from No Yelling will teach you the skills to handle a vehicle in wet conditions and avoid hidden or sudden hazards at high speeds.

Our Coaches

With the help of our Defensive Driving Specialists, Safe Drive Training, No Yelling has access to some very experienced coaches. Our coaches hail from a variety of backgrounds, from professional car racers to terrorist threat experts. They come with a wealth of experience in high pressure scenarios and have a n absolute passion for safe driving.

The Course

The course runs on weekdays and weekends at Mt Cotton Raceway and runs for 8 hours from 9am to 5pm. Course participants receive a complimentary lunch with the crew out on the track with light refreshments to follow.

How much time is spent in the car?

We believe in a hands on approach to learning and get you in the car at every opportunity. Cars are shared between 3 - 4 students, so if you aren't driving your self, you're riding along in the passenger seat.

How do I book?

Once your defensive course has been purchased, just email us at and we will organise the next available course. Wait times can vary depending on the time of year, but we can generally do bookings within 7 days.

How do I get there?

Mt Cotton is located located 35km south east of Brisbane CBD. Participants are expected to arrange their own transport to and from the venue.

Does the course count towards my logbook?

Defensive Driving Courses do not count towards the Queensland Log Book.

Our advice to parents and learns!

Invest in a defensive driving course to assist in the early stages of driving. The experience gained from one day on the track will prepare any driver for the dangers of driving on the road, particularly in the early months.